Services for Commercial Clients

Bamberg Engineering Sound Lab offers a full suite of

services to clients that wish to out-source their

loudspeaker research and development

  • Floor-standing, bookshelf, center channel, surround, custom-install, miniature speakers

  • New Product Introduction, project planning and management

  • Industrial Design services

  • Testing of your competitors' products with full graphical reporting

  • Performance Envelope predictions through electro-acoustic modeling

  • Determining or establishing your company speaker's 'family sound'

  • Transducer selection, sampling, procurement, and testing

  • Low-frequency analysis for sizing the cabinet to the driver, or optimizing the driver to the cabinet

  • Advanced and extensive active, passive, and digital crossovers and filter development

  • Full suite of lab tests including SPL, voltage, impedance, excursion, vibration, heat, and power testing

  • Detailed CNC factory-ready 3d and 2d-dimensioned CAD drawings; imperial or metric units

  • Private online storage of project files for central and secure access

  • Assistance in cabinet sampling from test mule to show sample to production

  • Assistance in qualifying and selecting OEM & ODM vendors

  • Cradle to grave support

  • Project work samples are available for viewing online (UN/PW required).

    For more information, UN/PW, client references, my resume, or to discuss a new project, just e-mail me!

    - Philip E. Bamberg