Enter the Series 3 modular speaker system – February 15 2014

Trickle-down technology from Series 5 and Series 6 at a cost-down price!

This new design uses trickle-down technology from the Series 5 and Series 6 models. Once again, woofer modules are stereo and act as platform stands for the separate monitor cabinets. And the lower cross point is sufficiently high that this emulates the “classic 3-way”.

Key to the Series 3 design is the 9” 4ohm subwoofer driver. Because the lower cross point is higher than the current trend, the floor bounce dip is significantly reduced. Furthermore the monitor/subwoofer blend is less affected by room location.

Series 3 woofer

Preliminary acoustic testing of the 2 cubic foot subwoofer with large rear-firing vent proves -3dB at 25Hz, and -6dB at 22Hz.

The monitor has a 6” midbass woofer, also in a rear-firing vented cabinet. The idea is for this speaker to be purchased first, if desired. The customer can try out “Bamberg sound” with low financial risk. This monitor reaches to 40Hz on its own.

When the subwoofer pair is purchased later the speaker becomes full-range and with higher max SPL capability.

As with the Series 5, the front side is tilted back 6 degrees to better time align the three drivers, which adds to the 3d sound stage effect. However, with the monitor's side panels canted in 10° the baffle around the tweeter is kept very small to move diffraction artifacts up high in frequency. Again, imaging is enhanced.

[Click for larger image:]

January update - First pair out for automotive paint. All R&D complete.

December update - Pilot run components ordered. Inner Circle listening evaluations in progress. Paint and veneer finishes explored. Getting closer!

November update - First two cabinet sets assembled. Woofer amplifiers tested. Listening evaluations begin.

October update - First run of CNC-cut cabinet panels assembled.

July update - The Series 3 cabinet has been redesigned for even higher performance. By fitting a large 4" diameter vent and elbow, the woofer can now be moved near the floor as with the Series 5 TMW and Series 6 models. A vent this size lowers the air velocity and distortion and it virtually dominates the interior of the bass cabinet, as shown in the assembly drawing below. The bracing scheme has been redesigned to accommodate and support the vent, but it also aides accuracy during cabinet assembly.