Gemini Done Right, ca 1998

At last a proper crossover is available for the Dynaudio Gemini loudspeaker!

Assembled crossover Kit parts (wood panels not included)


This BESL crossover is a 4th-order acoustic alignment that corrects for the baffle diffraction and inter-driver phase problems of the original Gemini kit.

It allows the full low-level resolution powers of the Dynaudio Esotec drivers to be realized. Constructed with seventeen high-grade components wired point-to-point throughout, only two inductors are in series with the woofers. A very unique circuit topology was required to properly shape the tweeter response, both on and off axis, with just one capacitor in series.

If there is any one number that distinguishes BESL designs from most others, it is the Inter-driver Phase Difference parameter. When the drivers are truly operating in phase with each other, the deep image locks in, and grain and distortion are locked out. When you audition any speaker, listen for a good sense of acoustic space and a "creamy" texture to voices. This response graph not only shows the +/-2.5dB amplitude accuracy, it also proves the excellent phase coherence as seen by the deep, symmetric null when the drivers are connected with reverse polarity. For comparison, the stock Gemini crossover response curve is also shown, offset by -25dB.

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The roomy external crossover enclosure optimizes the coil positions and orientations. Over fifty parts come with the kit, including deluxe gold input posts for bi-wiring, and Speakon™ output connectors for fail-safe tweeter connection. Also included is the Tweeter Contour Circuit: a flick of the switch voices the entire treble range up 1.5dB, flat, or down 2dB.

GDR-X External Deluxe $225.00

  • Network Circuit Schematic and Component Assembly diagrams
  • Detailed Plans for fabricating the crossover boards, adapter plates, and external enclosures
  • Networks mount onto MDF base with input and output panels
  • 34 high-grade elements, including 400V capacitors, and four bypass capacitors
  • 8 Deluxe gold binding posts for bi-wire inputs
  • Neutrik Speakon™ output connectors for fail-safe tweeter connection
  • Male Neutrik Speakon™connector mounted on adapter plate replaces existing terminal cup
  • Includes 1-meter long black nylon braided jacket for output harness
  • Complete and detailed plans with schematic to fabricate the Low-pass and High-pass crossover networks, wired point-to-point, and tie-wrapped for reliability


About all I can say is yep - they work. I'm quite happy. Can't wait until I finish my speaker wires, and then I'll be done for a while. Thanks for all of your help. Didn't have any trouble assembling the kit - the instructions are quite clear and well done I must say. Without going into extreme detail, after 3 full days of use all I can say is that the sound is overall improved. Even my wife (who generally couldn't care less) noticed an improvement - she said that David Gilmore didn't sound "scratchy" anymore. I'm pleased. BG

First and foremost I was struck by the high end response. Cymbal tone and detail are dramatically improved. I am hearing things I never heard (try the remastered version of Jethro Tull "Thick as a Brick, a recording I have listened to at least 100 times over the years) Voice now has a good sense of body (not as much as the Celestion A-1s but I'll bet there was a little lower midrange peak going on with them). Inner detail on the lower end (drums, tom toms, backing vocals) is also much improved. Image size is also improved, but not as much improvement as the other aspects. Directionality was always good but the soundstage is wider and TALLER. Finally, that distortion that seemed to appear when the volume was turned up even a little is gone.

I've only got about an hour on them so we'll see how they break in. I need to run some classical music through them. I haven't been able to listen to classical music for over a year since I thought they were mostly recorded badly. Maybe it's really due to the shortcomings of the original Gemini's. JC

As you say, the caps need to break in a bit; kind of grainy right now, but I'm already hearing some details that were previously veiled. Brass strings (both piano and acoustic guitar) now have that nice metallic twang from the secondary and higher harmonics. I can also hear the singers breath in vocals. Thanks for the twang. DS

The sound of the speakers with the new crossover is definitely improved! The problem that I was looking to solve (Grainy female voices) is gone. The upper midrange is much smoother, imaging is slightly improved, and the "listener fatigue " I was experiencing is gone. I am very pleased with the new crossover and with the excellent service you have provided. RE

Well the crossovers are installed. They sound terrific!! It's as if I used Windex on the soundstage. I'm even understanding some lyrics in songs that I was misinterpreting before. The treble is so "shimmery" when the brush is stroked across the cymbals. Detail galore!! I am very happy. That grungy background noise is gone and I'm even hearing depth of field when I'm not in the "sweet spot". The dynamic range of quiet parts in songs has increased (I suppose this is called microdynamics?) anyway you can tell that I am pleased to say the least. Everything went easy except removing the drivers. You were right, that liquid gasket sticks real well. Thanks for your time and patience. I might not have gone through with this if you hadn't been so responsive in your e-mail replies. JK

Was there an improvement? Most definitely! The voicing was set @ 0 as this works for my living room. Smoother controlled top end with a much wider sweet spot. I hate getting into a lot of blathering adjectives so I wont. Just let me say that I was surprised by the degree of improvement from the first time I hooked them up. Phase relationship and integration with the Peerless stereo subs did not seem to change. Minor level tweaking! Very nice re-engineering! Very pleased with the results! BG