Most important − we get the sound right!

Bamberg speakers play with what we call that "all day, all week long sound". They go loud gracefully, and without strain or distortion. There simply is no listener fatigue. This is a sound that has been praised again and again by our customers, reviewers, and by novice listeners.

Audiophiles recognize that tonal balance is the first and last thing evaluated about the sound of any loudspeaker. When this quality is exactly right the performance becomes more engaging and believable. After all, anything added is distortion; anything taken away is veiling.

".. they really dig deep into the program material and bring the music to the forefront. .. one can listen all day and easily find themselves listening long into the night well past bedtime."

Bamberg speakers are imaging champions.

A consistent comment at the audio shows is how the Bamberg speakers disappeared into a vast well-defined sound stage. Careful attention to technical issues such as precise cross points, slopes, and symmetry, cabinet stiffness and diffraction effects, low inter-driver acoustic phase difference, accurately trapping diaphragm resonances − all add up to enhanced low-level resolution and superior imaging.

"The empty space between performers was often huge, making performer placement one of the 5 TMWs strengths."

Philip designs and tests at a very high engineering level.

The development method Philip Bamberg uses to design and prove our network filter alignments is so highly refined and detailed that − taken alone − it would comprise a very comprehensive book. He pays meticulous attention to detail throughout all phases of the acoustic, mechanical, and electrical R&D even to the degree that corporate clients have praised his crossover circuits' for their performance and his cabinet CAD packages for their clarity and detail.

Yes we care about component and build quality.

Like some of our competitors, we use only the finest premium drivers, crossover parts, wire, and hardware; each of which is hand-picked, inspected, and tested throughout the build process. But it is not about 1% matching of left and right component parts. The hard part is getting every speaker to measure the same as each model's reference standard. The speaker ships only when it passes the EOL tests.

It is our superior crossover topology and component sizes that leads to the very best possible sonic performance. Don't believe that hype about "low slopes" and "low parts count" − our customers will attest that we have a knack in getting the signal to "blow through" the network in as unimpeded fashion as possible. Our speakers play loud and without distortion or strain up to the max SPL as specified in the comprehensive specifications.

".. Bamberg's speakers .. contain a few twists that allow the separate drivers to integrate into what sounds almost like one single driver."

And it is not just about how beautiful our cabinets are - it is about them being acoustically problem-free both inside and out. We use CNC-cut Carb2 MDF panels, advanced bracing design, lock-miter joints, effective internal damping treatment, and so forth. Just choose your veneer or paint!

Our stuff doesn't break.

Bamberg speakers are built to last. In twenty years there has not been one driver or crossover failure. No inductors pulled from boards or crossovers found loose during shipping, no broken driver leads, wiring errors, or whatever. Every speaker must pass a battery of electrical and acoustic tests before shipping.

We simply don't get our speakers coming back for repairs − and we plan to keep it that way.

While there are more exotic design alternatives out there ...

Bamberg's are your Speakers for Life.